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Please choose a style:

White sheep Barn AnimalsBear on ball Bears and Pandas
Blue bird 2 BirdsButterfly girl Butterflies
Line 1 CatsAngry chick Chickens and Turkeys
Deer 2 Deer and MooseT-rex 2 Dinosaurs
Tail DogsTwo dolphins Dolphins and Whales
Breath of fire DragonsGoose swims Ducks and Geese
Muscular eagle 2 Eagles and HawksSmall elephant Elephants
Tropical 3 FishFlamingo hockey Flamingos and Swans
X-ray Foxes and WolvesCrawling by Frogs
Giraffe Giraffes and ZebrasRhino charges Hippos and Rhinos
Green jockey HorsesFly flies Insects
Cool tiger Jungle CatsAmerican mouse Mice
Skunk stinks Other AnimalsAlligator 3 Other Reptiles
Squirrel with nut Other RodentsOwl knits 2 Owls
Carolers PenguinsPig skates Pigs
Monkey swings Primates and MonkeysRabbit eats carrot Rabbits
Seals swim Seals and WalrusesMaking circles Sharks
Two worms Worms and Snails



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